Computer Experts

We take tech seriously. We’ll clue you into the best tools to make your vision a reality. From Mac to Microsoft, laptops to Linux, we dare you to stump us with your trickiest computer quandary. 

Boruch B.

Hard Disk Master, Storage Schemer, Tech Evangelist

Boruch’s fascination with technology began 53 years ago (when he was just 5 years old!) and his enthusiasm hasn’t abated one whit. If you’re looking for creative solutions that will safely protect your digital assets—plus intuitive, proactive attention—ask for Boruch!

Geoffrey N.

Computer Savant, ORPG Prodigy, Karaoke King

At 14, Geoffrey N. rebuilt his computer to level up his gaming profile—so he believes in getting the most out of technology. And after 9 years at B&H, he also knows enough to tell it like it is: when he recommends gear to fit your unique needs and budget, he means it!

Akiva M.

Computer Savant, RPG Gamer, Home Chef

A+, MCSC, Intel-certified, Akiva boasts 7 years of ground-up computing and networking experience, plus familiarity with Ubiquiti products and an intrinsic feel for all things tech. Whether you’re just looking for the right tool or stuck on a tough question, come see Akiva!

Marco V.

Computer Crackerjack, Wacom Wiz, Witcher 3 Ace

A little lost when it comes to computer shopping? Not to worry; whether you’re puzzled about Mac vs. PC, turned off by big box stores or just plain confused, Marco’s mission is to make finding the right digital tool as easy as A, B, C… and maybe even a little fun, too.

Victor R.

Printer Prodigy, Wacom Wiz, Motorcyclist

Victor knows the intricacies of printing, scanning and color management like the back of his hand. And thanks to over 16 years at B&H, he’s also an expert in plain speaking—if you’re looking for exceptional results with the bare minimum of technical jargon, Victor’s your man!