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Drive Revenue for your Website or App

Whether you have a heavily trafficked content website or offer up a free mobile application, effective monetization is essential to the success of your business. With SkillSpring, you can drive significant revenue without sacrificing experience by connecting users with subject matter experts and power users for your site.

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Connect with Users On Any Device, In Any Format


Personalize your digital interactions with face to face meetings.

Screen Share

Delve into notes, highlight progress and share plans over screenshare.


Quickly connect over voice-only when face to face interactions aren’t needed.

Support & Enable Users when they Need It

When users need support, there is a short window of time they are going to raise their hand for help before becoming frustrated and giving up. For many companies, customer service is the front line for helping these users.

But customer service often has limited first hand knowledge or experience with the questions your users have. By providing the option to connect with power users or subject matter experts, users can leverage a peer network you curate – everybody wins.

Easily Manage Your Pool of Experts from a Single, Free UI

Whether your pool is made up of internal team members or external power users and subject matter experts, SkillSpring makes it easy to visualize expert availability and bookings, automates billing and payouts and connects users to experts in real time.

Best of all, SkillSpring is free to use! SkillSpring earns a commission for successful interactions meaning our success depends on your success!

How Businesses Can Benefit from SkillSpring

Content Websites

Whether you host a blog or a user community that contributes to a forum, you have users with questions or needing help. Connect your users with post authors, top contributors and experts so they can quickly get the support they need.

SaaS Applications

Make use of the power users in your user base to support new users to increase app engagement, feature adoption and retention – before investing heavily in a customer success or managed support team.

Online Communities

Communities are designed to help and support, but the forum setting can fall short when users are listing timeline challenges. Take the community support to another level by providing 1:1 paid interactions.