Accelerate Sales Enablement & Qualified Lead Generation

Don’t limit your prospects to frustrating interactions with a chat bot. Instead, connect them with members from your team in real-time, directly on your website, with only two lines of code.

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Eliminate Lag Between Form Submissions & Demos

Leveraging SkillSpring in your marketing tech stack, you are able to power real-time conversations with your marketing and sales teams using their availability. By eliminating the time between a demo request, lead follow up and scheduling, your team can move prospective buyers more rapidly down the sales funnel as well as tie in the benefit of making personalized connections earlier.

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Connect with Prospects On Any Device, In Any Format


Personalize your digital interactions with face to face meetings.

Screen Share

Delve into notes, highlight progress and share plans over screenshare.


Quickly connect over voice-only when face to face interactions aren’t needed.

Accelerate Your Sales Enablement

As prospects are researching your solutions, there are very brief windows when their interest is piqued and they want to take action before their next meeting or the day ends. Traditionally, this is when they would submit a lead form or engage with a chat bot.

Lead forms are valuable for collecting useful prospect data for nurturing later, but less valuable to enable action now. Even when the average response time to a lead form is a matter of minutes, prospects have often moved on to another task, evaluating a competitive solution, started a meeting or ended the day. This introduces a lag and time decay to the sales process even the most efficient sales teams can’t control.

Chatbots are tremendous round-the-clock solutions to moving prospects towards meetings and resources, but poor configuration to even the most sophisticated flows can leave your valuable visitor frustrated. Live chat can help, but ultimately results in the same action taken with successful chat flows – a meeting scheduled for the future.

Ultimately, teams are still left without answers on how to provide the exact value a prospect is looking for in real-time.

Enter: SkillSpring.

Easily Manage Your Sales Team

Whether you have a large SDR team, a handful of dedicated account executives or just a few folks wearing multiple hats, SkillSpring makes it easy to set availability across your team by integrating with their existing calendars via integrations with Calendly and Acuity. This creates a web of availability for users to access without adding the overhead of building a dedicated team.

How Businesses Can Benefit from SkillSpring

SaaS Applications

Make is easy for new interested prospects or new users to connect with your sales team in real-time for demos or onboarding support to reduce funnel drop off and improve the time to close.


Whether you sell products that are a considered purchase based on price or you simply want to differentiate yourself from Amazon with an in-store sales experience, connect visitors with your team to get the information and education they need.

Consulting Services

Connect business leaders and decision makers directly with you and your team to streamline onboarding of new clients for your consultative services.

Simple pricing. Unlimited seats.


  • Unlimited Seats
  • Up to 1000 minutes
  • $0.20/minute above 1000
  • Concierge Onboarding Support


  • Unlimited Seats
  • Up to 5000 minutes
  • $0.10/minute above 5000
  • Concierge Onboarding Support
Connect to Get Started

But what if you still want to keep your bot?

Perhaps you like that your bot can move a visitor to resources, demos or frequently asked questions. SkillSpring can be integrated into existing chatbots like Drift or as an action within your configured flow, making it easy to move visitors to the where they want to go while still enabling real-time connections with your sales team.

If you are curious about configuring SkillSpring within your chatbot, connect with us.