Increase Engagement, Retention & Community

Monetize your power user’s expertise by connecting your power users with the rest of your app community.

Why are User Communities Important?

Power Users

Allow users access to your most experienced, vocal and engaged customers to get the most out of your app.

Topical Experts

Give your user base access to consultants and SMEs to improve their integration of your solution into their day to day.

Paid Support

Let users dive deep into product snags with a paid support solution that sits between customer support & managed services.

Open New Revenue Opportunities. For Everyone.

Revenue for Your Power Users

Making your power users’ expertise available for training, ideas, workflows, etc. can provide a channel for those user to make money promoting the efficient use of your app.

Revenue for Your Organization

Add an incremental revenue channel by collecting a percentage of the revenue earned by your power users for bridging the connection using Connect.

Improve User Retention. Reduce Churn.

Increased Engagement for Users

By connecting users with experts, you can be sure users will learn workflows and practices to more fully utilize and get more value from your app. More value from the app means increased engagement.

Reduce App Churn

Increased value and output from your app means fewer cancellations. This reclaiming of lost revenue also doesn’t cost your organization a thing, since the connection with your app experts was purchased by existing app users.

Grow Your User Community. Increase Efficiency.

Foster a Community of Users

Connecting users with each other fosters a feeling of community and exchanging of ideas. Its supplemental to your own customer marketing initiatives but in an on-demand, variable cost format.

Improved Marketing Acquisition

As the community of users grows, it becomes increasingly easy to acquire new customers and funnel them into the same connection with app experts to keep the flywheel moving.