Provide Ad Hoc Managed Services Support

Increase customer adoption while driving additional managed services revenue from your top customer accounts.

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Why Health, Wellness and Fitness Businesses Leverage SkillSpring

Enable Virtual Trainings
User conferences drive adoption but occur once a year. SkillSpring enables the same training avenue, year around.

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Automate Scheduling
Allow users to book on-demand or during prescheduled availability with your team.

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Payment Collection Done Easy
Billing users and distributing revenue for paid support calls is automatic for your company.

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Enable Managed Support Before Your Build a Team

Managed services can provide a significant revenue opportunity for SaaS tools, but the overhead of creating a team can lead this channel to become a cost center if customers aren’t lined up.

Using SkillSpring, software providers can enable paid support between your most experienced customer service reps and your enterprise accounts in a matter of hours. Use existing bandwidth while allowing customers the flexibility of usage-based pricing as you test the uptake of managed services.

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