Customer Experience Wins

The shift to online shopping and the meteoric rise of Amazon has left traditional retailers and lagging online retailers to invest in the customer experience as a way to build loyalty and differentiate themselves. And it works.

Now before you leave, let me stress I’m not talking about Target, Wal-mart or anyone else struggling to keep a foothold. No. Customer experience is obviously critical because it is what has driven so much success for Amazon and why they continue to put space between them and the rest of the market. Amazon’s success in prioritizing the customer experience is the reason everyone else is doing it.

Amazon’s searching, filtering, recommendations, check out, reviews, etc. are all geared towards enabling a positive customer experience when folks know what they want. But don’t miss the last part of that sentence. It’s important.

Shift Your Focus. Then Lean In.

As an ecommerce business operating your own site, the opportunity you have to differentiate yourself from Amazon is meeting customers when they don’t quite know what they want and educating them on what is best for them.

More than half of retail searches start on Amazon because users know the lowest price is on Amazon for the thing they want. But don’t miss that half of retail searches don’t start on Amazon. Why? Because people are moving through the purchase funnel and trying to figure out what they need or want. That is your opportunity.

Go Beyond Informational Content

Top 10 or Best Gift lists are definitely a worthwhile investment in shareable, crawlable educational content. But it’s a one way conversation with customers that also arms them with a specific item to search for on Amazon. Not only that, but it is not personalized.

Personalization and education is a tremendous growth and lifetime value opportunity for most ecommerce brands and retailers. Just look at outfit-in-a-box companies like Trunk Club and Stitch Fix. They were able to scalably combine the personal shopping experience people crave without having to get off their couch. By tapping that opportunity now, ecommerce companies can create a new value proposition for customers.

Personal Shopping Through Video

By adding video conversations to the customer shopping experience, customers are able to ask questions, see products in the context of with a person and compare and get situational feedback with another person through conversation. Recall shopping for clothes for an event and getting recommendations, seeing the specific item being referenced, comparing size, quality, etc. Video enables this.

Not only that, video ads a face and personalized connection to your brand.

A Strong ROI on Multiple Line Items

The benefits of this approach are numerous and measurable on a balance sheet, not just a feel-good talk to a human datapoint.

By having a conversation and highlighting specific items, organizations reduce returns, increase average cart size, head off potential negative reviews and improve overall conversion rates. Not only that, the LTV of a customer increases as delivering these positive experiences can result in loyalty to your brand and store.

By adding proactive engagement to a customer service reps day, you are also likely to have happier staff and reduced churn on those types of roles, shifting customer service from purely a cost center to driving a measurable ROI.

Enable Video for eCommerce with SkillSpring

SkillSpring can power video and screenshare conversations for companies of any size with just a few lines of code. Implementation is simple with most organizations able to field video calls via SkillSpring for their organization on Day 0 of registration. Not only that, but SkillSpring is customizable to align with your company’s brand experience.

Companies leveraging SkillSpring can enable video across their entire site or limit to specific products and categories. These conversations can occur on-demand or pre-scheduled by leveraging the availability for each employee representative, allowing you to either capitalize on downtime or dedicate resources to help customers with their questions. Additionally, SkillSpring even supports group sessions which are ideal for training, educational topics and more.

Isn’t it time to leverage the personalized experience and business expertise your team has built to better help your customers? Sign up today and make your knowledgeable staff available to help your customers and grow your customer loyalty.