Frequently Asked Questions

Paid Calls

Can my organization charge a fee for calls?

Yes. SkillSpring was designed for those looking to easily monetize their expertise. 

SkillSpring utilizes Stripe to handle billing for paid calls and group sessions. You can configure an organization-level Stripe account under Account > Payment Settings in the SkillSpring portal. Stripe will handle payment processing to charge the customer and distribute payment.

Individual calls require the expert to set an hourly rate and are charged based on call duration. Group sessions require you to set a per-seat cost which the customer pays at time of registration. 

Can each expert set their own hourly call rate?

Yes. Each expert in an account can set their own hourly rate under the Basic Info section of their Expert profile. This rate will display to the customer when scheduling a call.

Can SkillSpring automate direct payments to multiple experts in a single account?

Yes. In addition to configuring an organization-level Stripe account for payment processing, each individual expert can configure their own Stripe account to be paid directly. This allows the organization to support direct payment processing for 1000’s of experts through a single SkillSpring account. 

This feature is enabled by default. To turn off this feature, go to Account > Payment Settings and toggle off, “Expert payment enabled (default).” When turned off, all payment will be distributed to the organization-level Stripe account.

Can my organization absorb a percentage fee of each experts’ paid calls?

Yes. When expert payment is enabled, the organization can set a percentage fee to be taken from the gross cost of each expert’s calls. 

This can be set under Account > Payment Settings > Account Fee Percent

Call Features

Does SkillSpring support screen sharing on video calls?

Yes. SkillSpring supports screen sharing during video calls.

Can calls be recorded?

No. SkillSpring does not support call recording at this time, but this feature is on our product roadmap.

Does SkillSpring have a chat feature for video calls?

No. SkillSpring does not support chat during video calls at this time, but this feature is on our product roadmap.


Is SkillSpring HIPAA compliant?

Yes, SkillSpring is HIPAA compliant.

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