Bring Your Coaching Business Online. Risk-Free.

With only 2 lines of code, SkillSpring can automate HIPAA-compliant video, voice and screen connections with your clients. Plus, automate scheduling, payment collection and connecting. All from a Single Place. 

Manage a Pool of Coaches

With SkillSpring, you can provide varying levels of service or expertise available across your coaching pool by allowing coaches to customize profile, availabilities and rates. Users have options and calls are automatically routed to the coach they choose. All of this happens on your website with your business’s branding.

Why Health, Wellness and Fitness Businesses Leverage SkillSpring

Enable Virtual Coaching
Unlock a broader customer base by enabling virtual health coaching for your business.

Automate Scheduling
Connect with clients in real-time or automatically share availability for booking sessions.

Payment Collection Done Easy
Payment methods are collected prior to scheduling and disbursements happen immediately.

Plus! Unlock a Network of 2MM Users

Health and Wellness businesses also can leverage LifeOmic’s science-based health and wellness mobile applications’s user base of more than 2.5 million activated users to expand the reach of their coaches. Access to become a LIFE Apps coach is free. Request more information today.

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