Work happens. Around the clock. Even in the face of COVID-19, situations arise where individuals need the trusted expertise, help or opinion of an expert, coach or professional. While some situations can certainly pause, there are others that keep moving.

Consider someone expecting the birth of a child. Doula services are pausing home visits. Doctors offices and hospitals are the last place folks want to go. But if a mother needs advice, has questions, or just wants peace of mind, where can she turn?

It’s the same challenge for someone looking for advice and tips for an at-home workout. Or someone running into a web development snag. Or someone dealing with car issues.

In all of these situations, the demand is there. But the traditional bridge for connecting your supply with the demand is inefficient. With quarantines and lockdowns, your traditional way of doing business is closed altogether.

So how can your business or expertise meet the demand?

Make your business expertise available and easily accessible, online. 

Bridging the Connections Online

In order to operationalize this shift to managing connections online, individuals (whether a part of a company, a side project or a solopreneur) need to be able to effectively and routinely manage schedules, availability, payment collection, where this service appears and how to make the connection itself. This process is for each and every call.

There are tools out there that cover one or two of each of these, but integrating them all requires significant development legwork or other-worldly organizational capabilities.

It’s not just about workflows, either. Even if you absorb all of the insights and takeaways from The Power of Habit through osmosis while you sleep tonight and start free trials of half a dozen tools, these solutions still fail to meet the user asking for help right now.

All of Your Expertise. On Demand. Today.

Make your expertise available online, today, with SkillSpring – the free and secure tool that allows experts, coaches and professionals to make their expertise available on-demand or prescheduled to their website audience.

SkillSpring allows you to connect via phone, video and screen share to help users, customers and clients through their challenges and needs, on demand. The platform also automates connections and payment collection, allows you to manage availability and track scheduled meetings.

With SkillSpring, the expectant mom needing a pep-talk from a doula, or the new mom needing help from a lactation consultant can get it. The gym rat that needs to adopt a home workout routine can get technique and form feedback from a certified coach.

Move your business expertise online. Right now. People are waiting.