Make a Personal Connection with Fans

Bands thrive when they create deep, long-lasting relationships with their fans and followers. Using SkillSpring, musicians can unlock the power of authentic conversations with their fans while generating revenue for their brand.

Make extra money while connecting with your fans one-on-one. Share your thoughts, talent and knowledge while providing the people who admire you a way to connect with you on a personal level.

Enable Virtual Sessions

Bring your fans with you anywhere you go, set up your own schedule and availability and have meaningful conversations and connections from anywhere in the USA.

Automate Scheduling

Connect with fans in real-time or automatically share availability for booking sessions.

Payment Collection Done Easy

Payment methods are collected prior to scheduling and disbursements happen immediately.

Create & Manage Groups

We make it easy for you to manage your team’s availability with our scheduling and availability tools.

Enable Managed Support Before Your Build a Team

Managed services can provide a significant revenue opportunity for SaaS tools, but the overhead of creating a team can lead this channel to become a cost center if customers aren’t lined up.

Using SkillSpring, software providers can enable paid support between your most experienced customer service reps and your enterprise accounts in a matter of hours. Use existing bandwidth while allowing customers the flexibility of usage-based pricing as you test the uptake of managed services.