With almost 4 million babies born in the United States each year, many people find themselves on an amazing journey to parenthood. However, the pregnancy journey and newborn experience can come with a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. In the eyes of new parents, there seem to be endless ways for things to go wrong yet never enough information and support.

When it’s day 10 of no sleep, these caretakers need somewhere to turn other than google. Endless searching down rabbit holes that contain contradicting information can cause even more stress. That’s where the power of maternity services comes in. A relationship built on trust, experience and understanding.

Health Comes First.

When it comes to their most prized possession, caretakers do not want to rely on a google article or book that was written 10 years ago. They want to talk to an actual person in their times of stress. Unlike books, these doulas, certified consultants and midwives are able to take in mind the individual circumstances of the mother and baby to craft a tailored approach to addressing sleep, nursing or even proper development.

Most doulas can attest they want to put the comfort, health and safety of their clients first. They would never want to unnecessarily spread germs or illnesses or add more stress by entering a new parent’s home when they are not ready to receive guests. In some cases such as the emergence of the Novel coronavirus, they may no longer be able to enter a home. Parents, even, are not able to take their child to a hospital for a consultation.

In any or all of these scenarios, it’s important to think about the power of an online visit to easily address the parents’ urgent needs. It’s also important to think about the impact of business revenue when in-person meetings are not allowed. It’s no longer just an option to meet virtually, but a business necessity.

Growing Relationships with Video.

Video calls are powerful in maternity services as they can cultivate a relationship for the caretaker that is convenient and ongoing. From an hour-long lactation consultation to a quick sleep question, your clients could reach you from anywhere and anytime. The video capability allows you to see any behaviors the caretaker is describing while also becoming a friendly face. There is also a level of comfort of a mother who can hop on her phone from the nursery or her laptop at the kitchen island.

Increase Your ROI.

In the current state of social distancing, doula agencies’ face-to-face revenue options are at a minimum, so using a video calling tool is crucial in allowing a new communication avenue that they can continue to monetize.

Since we won’t be in quarantine forever, video calling is also a great way to utilize employee downtime between appointments or labor and deliveries. It easily allows return business for quick questions.

But perhaps the most powerful reason to tap into the virtual options is that it gives any of these professionals the opportunity to expand their business beyond their geographic location. The lasting network that could be built from offering a virtual meeting could result in an added revenue stream even after reopening their in-person services and since SkillSpring includes payment collection based on duration of call each interaction can be monetized.

Enable Video for Maternity Services with SkillSpring.

SkillSpring can power video and screenshare conversations for companies of any size. Implementation is simple, with most organizations able to field video calls via SkillSpring for their organization on Day 0 of registration. Not only that, but SkillSpring is customizable to align with your company’s brand experience.

Companies leveraging SkillSpring can enable video across their entire site or limit to specific services such as lactation consulting or sleep training. These conversations can occur on-demand or pre-scheduled by leveraging the availability for each employee representative, allowing you to either capitalize on downtime or dedicate resources to help parents with their questions. Companies can also streamline the payment process by seamlessly integrating with Stripe that allows automatic payment collection for each call.

Isn’t it time to leverage the personalized experience and business expertise your team has built to better help your customers? Sign up today and make your knowledgeable staff available to help your customers and grow your customer loyalty.